Mission Statement

We’re passionate about helping motivated business owners succeed in a very competitive market. We believe every business deserves a fair chance, and we have the skills and experience to help. A business should not be short of clients if it has an effective marketing campaign working for it.

Today’s internet marketing opportunities enable everyone to reach a global audience. We love to harness the power of this technology, whether it’s to launch a new business or revive one struggling to gain market share. We view the growth of the internet and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) as the ultimate and most exciting advertising opportunity today and for years to come.

Robert Marriott, BCIS

Co-Founder & Web Developer

Robert is a former product manager with extensive experience in software development, web design and e-commerce. He graduated with honors from the University of the Fraser Valley and was awarded the 2008 Governor General’s Academic Medal. He is truly passionate about the future of online marketing and the exciting growth opportunities that exist today.

Rick Marriott

Co-Founder, Analyst & Marketing Strategist

Rick is a veteran of accounting and software development. Having trained in both CGA and CMA, he’s gained a unique perspective that enables him to apply these concepts to advertising campaigns with the goal of increasing ROI. As such, he’s taken a keen interest in PPC campaign management and spends most of his free time studying the latest techniques.